Unum’s Employee Turns Whistleblower to Assist Government in Prosecuting Unum’s Unfair Claims Actions

About 30 years ago, disability giant Unum hired Tim Loftus in an entry level position.  By 2004, Loftus had worked his way up through the disability claim administration ranks and became a Director in individual claims.  Fast forward to 2016 when Unum started a lawsuit against Loftus for removing a laptop and documents from Unum’s Worcester, Massachusetts claims operation.  Loftus was captured stealing from Unum on the same video surveillance that Unum has used against its individual insureds for the past 30 plus years to terminate their claims.  This time, it was used against Loftus for taking property that Unum claimed did not belong to him.

It has been reported in a federal court decision in December 2016 called Unum Group v. Loftus that Loftus took the materials from the Worcester premises to pursue a whistleblower action against Unum.  Under the Whistleblower’s Act, employees working for a certain class of employers are immune to retaliation such as firing if they communicate violations concerning their employer to a governmental entity.  In Loftus’s case, just days after he met with an attorney working for Unum about an internal claims investigation, he took the documents from Unum.  His intent appears to have been to use them against Unum in some way, however, he did not start a whistleblower action so those details are not in the public domain.

Unum was successful in getting the federal court in Massachusetts to force Loftus to return the documents he took, but the case is ongoing.  Unum has alleged violation of trademark rights and conversion (unlawful taking of property) against Lofthus. Where he used to be a witness for Unum in actions by disabled insureds against the company, he is now a Defendant in the hot seat with Unum’s lawyers asking the questions.

As a Director of individual claims since 2004, many claim files of individual disability policies administered by Unum in the past decade could have Lofthus’s fingerprints on them.  What does he know about Unum’s practices that were serious enough for him to risk stealing a laptop, boxes of documents and to have to defend Unum’s lawsuit against him?  I, for one, can’t wait to find out.

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