Why is Unum’s Disability Authorization Form So Confusing?

Disabled insureds applying for benefits under a Unum group or individual policy have no doubt signed Unum’s authorization with teeny-tiny print allowing the insurance giant to obtain every possible document that relates to them even if it has nothing to do with their claim. The authorization arrives along with the other claim forms that must be completed by the insured, his employer and his attending physician. You know the form, the one that most people over age 30 need a magnifying glass to read because the wording is mushed together in endless run-on sentences that would make even the most astute scholar shudder.

I have often wondered why Unum, a large disability carrier with billions of dollars in resources, does not use an arm of its claim department to re-draft the Authorization to shorten the sentences and offer the wording in double-spaced fashion so that the reader could actually know what they are authorizing to be released. It certainly begs the question whether the jumbled mess of an Authorization is that confusing by design. Most clients I represent assume that they must sign it so it is irrelevant what it says….and for good reason. Unum’s form goes so far as to threaten the insured that if they do not sign the form or if they alter it in any way, they might not receive their benefits.  

You might be surprised to learn that the Insurance Law in New York does not mandate that an insured authorize access to their credit rating or their financial and banking information, which is exactly what Unum’s form requires. Insureds should consider themselves on an even playing field with their disability insurer.

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