Unum Disability Claims: Disabled Persons Beware of Unfair Tactics

Even if Unum is paying your long term disability claim, you would be well-served to be wary of the following common unfair claim tactics their representatives use to better Unum’s chances of saving money on your claim.

  1. Constant telephone calls to you.  First, the representative tries to befriend you.  They show concern and seem to understand your situation.  If you let your guard down, stay on the phone for long enough, eventually information you share with Unum, as innocent as it is, will be used against you.  There is no need to be on the phone constantly with Unum.  A tip to defeat this from happening is to thank the representative for their concern but ask that all communications be done in writing so there are no misunderstandings. 
  2. Forcing your physical and mental health disability claims into a 24 month benefit limitation.  Many group long term disability policies administered by Unum limit payment of benefits for mental health claims to 24 months.  However, if you suffer from both a physical disability and a mental health disability, you should be entitled to continue to receive benefits after the 24 month period.  Don’t let the company ignore your physical ailments when making a claim for both.  Make sure their clinical team is reviewing your physical condition records, and force Unum to put their analysis in writing. 
  3. Allowing Unum’s Field Representative to Visit You in Your Home.  Stranger danger! Some long term disability policies require you to meet a Unum representative in person.  But others do not mention this at all.  If you have a policy that requires such a meeting, be really cautious.  There is no need to invite a Unum stranger into your home.  Find a Starbucks or a library, and meet them at your convenience.  Make sure you make notes of the discussion, and afterwards, send Unum a letter of what you discussed.  If your disability prevents you from sitting and typing out a letter, have a friend or family member help you.  Then your version of the meeting will appear in the claim file, and there is less opportunity for Unum to falsely claim what you said.

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