Targeting Claims For Termination

NY Insurance Claim Attorney Representing Clients While Their Insurance Companies Targeting Payable Claims for Termination

If you have been receiving disability benefits from a company and it starts to feel like the company is pushing you into a claim termination, your claim may have been targeted for termination.  When the insurer is putting undue pressure on you or your physician to get information back to them quickly when before you had a longer time, beware. This is just one example of conduct by a disability insurer that smacks of targeting your claim for termination.  If you believe that your insurance company is targeting your claim in order to save itself money, contact Gisonni Law Firm for a consultation.

Which Companies Are Doing This and is it Legal?

It is often difficult to prove when a disability company is targeting your claim because they will deny they are doing anything but administering the claim.  One insurer that has been criticized for this unscrupulous conduct is Unum and its affiliate companies, Paul Revere, Provident, First Unum and Unum Life.  Company statistics have been made public in lawsuits that show a concerted effort by these companies to target high monthly benefit claims to reduce the companies’ liabilities.  Lower liability means more profit to the company, and more profit to the company means higher share values and happier shareholders.  It is not legal to target any claims for termination.  All claims should be administered in keeping with a uniform set of rules and guidelines.  Targeting claims that lead to termination when there was full support for the insured to continue to be paid is a breach of contract.

How Can You Handle the Situation if You Feel You are Targeted?

Ask a lot of questions of the disability insurance company.  Find out why they are now scrutinizing information that before they viewed as completely supportive of your medical condition and disability.  Make sure all communications are in writing so you can preserve a paper trail.  Ask to speak to a Supervisor if you are not getting any answers from the person handling your claim.

Contact Gisonni Law Firm

If things start to change in your claim when everything appeared to have been going along just fine, you are right to be suspicious.  These are the times when you should trust your instincts.  Reach out to Gisonni Law Firm, a tenacious and diligent disability law firm that will help you even the playing field. Contact our firm for a consultation.