Surveillance and Investigations

Insurance Claim Denial Attorney Representing NY Victims of Video Surveillance and Other Investigative Tactics

Nothing raises the hair on a person’s neck more than the prospect of an insurance company following her around and photographing and videotaping her activities. You immediately feel like you are doing something wrong even when you’re not. Insureds rightfully view surveillance as a complete violation of their privacy. Insurance companies, however, refer to surveillance as an “activities check” to confirm statements the disabled insured makes to the disability insurance company. All too often, surveillance leads to a claim denial. If you are a victim of an insurance company using video surveillance and investigative tactics to deny your claim, you need a law firm with the experience to fight for your future. To understand your rights, consult with a tenacious and passionate attorney at Gisonni Law Firm.

How Insurance Companies Use Video and Photographs Against You

There is no reason to suspect an insured of doing anything inappropriate concerning her claim, yet disability insurance companies operate as if an insured’s statements are not worthy of belief.  Disability insurance companies often use photographs and video surveillance to show contradictions between the answers in insured’s claim submissions and the company’s twisted interpretation of what is on the video. Frequently, the video footage confirms the insured’s limitations. However, insurers use unfair interpretations of the footage to claim the insured can do more than they claim they can. So if you are recorded removing a small plastic bag containing chewing gum from your car and slowly walking up three steps to the front door of your home, insurers might construe this as you carrying a 15-pound object and navigating stairs with ease. If you arrive home, find your empty wheeled garbage pail at the foot of your driveway and begin pulling it behind you, insurers construe that as your ability to pull a large, heavy object 25 yards.

How Insurance Companies Dig Into Your Background

Surveillance is done in conjunction with an on-line search of your name, address, and telephone number. They dig into any publicly-available information associated with your name. They subscribe to databases that reveal your prior or pending lawsuits, driving record, bankruptcy history and real property purchases and holdings. Disability insurers also search your Facebook page, your website, your Linked In page and any other accessible social media site with which you are associated. Before your disability claim is even six months old, the disability insurer will know more about you than most of your friends do.

What Can You Do?

So, what can an insured do about this? Continue to live their life in the manner in which they have grown accustomed.  If there is a strange car on your street, report it to the police. Don’t volunteer all of your upcoming dates of treatment in your claim forms. Don’t agree to allow the insurer to drive you to a medical examination they have asked you to attend (Insurer’s Medical Examination). Don’t let them come into your home, and don’t agree to have them take your photograph. Make private any social media sites to which you subscribe. Ask others to avoid posting photographs of you on their sites.  Keep your private life private. Apart from that, truthfully answer relevant questions insurance companies ask you in writing, and when you are concerned or confused, seek the help of a qualified disability attorney.

Contact Gisonni Law Firm

If you believe that your insurance company has hired a party to videotape or photograph your every move to deny your claim or have denied your claim based on this “evidence,” contact our firm. Gisonni Law Firm has been fighting for the insured for many years. Our firm believes that your insurance company has an obligation to you, the insured. When they use unscrupulous tactics to save money and it impacts your life, we are ready to serve. If you need an no nonsense and diligent law firm to protect your rights and future, contact Gisonni Law Firm.