Residual Disability Claims of Business Owners

New York Disability Attorney Assisting Business Owners With Their Residual Disability Insurance Claims

Business owners such as accountants, physicians, dentists, and shop owners who own private disability income insurance can receive disability benefits under their policies if they are still at work, they can still perform some, but not all, of their work duties, and they suffer an income drop.  Companies that currently administer these types of claims attempt to wiggle out of all liability by misconstruing business owners’ duties and misunderstanding the business owners’ financial records.  If you are disabled and making a residual disability claim, seek out the advice and counsel of Gisonni Law Firm.  We have two decades of experience working with business owners making residual disability claims.

What You Can Do

The first best step is to read the wording of your policy and the letters from the disability insurance company to see if they are overstepping their bounds in requesting information.  If there are any questions, ask the disability company to place in writing the reasons for their requests so you can better understand them.  When the dizzying flurry of letters have given you a bigger headache than you had before, call Gisonni Law Firm to understand your legal rights.