Interference With Your Physician Relationship

Representing Clients Affected By A Disability Insurance Company’s Interference With A Treating Physicians

Disability insurers frequently seek to have telephonic communications with a disabled insured’s physicians.  The reason they claim it is necessary is to clarify information in the medical records.  Often what actually happens is inappropriate interference with the physician-patient relationship. When customers file claims for disability, they do not think their insurance company will go out of their way to deny them support. When actors for insurance companies contact medical professionals in order to interfere and deny a claim, it is time to consult with an attorney. If you believe that your insurance company is using unfair tactics to limit or deny their obligations, contact Gisonni Law Firm for a consultation.

Interference and Your Claim Denial

Tactics such as putting words in the physician’s mouth that the physician never said serve to put a wedge between you and your physician.  Insurance companies will characterize their interpretation of you on videotaped surveillance to your physician without showing the video to your physician.  If they claim you are more capable of certain functions than you report to your physician, that could cause a rift in your relationship with your physician.  Disability insurance companies often intimidate your physicians and attempt to get him to agree that you can perform some work and use that information to terminate your claim.

What You Can Do

Most disability insurance policies do not require this type of contact between a treating physician and the insurance company.  If the insurer has questions, ask them to send specific written questions for your physician’s review.  Make sure you get a copy of the questions, and discuss them with the physician.  Make sure your physician understands the type of job you are in and the type of policy you’re insured under.  In a mere telephone discussion, there is no record of the discussion between the insurance company and the insurance company’s hired physician.  Written questions ensure the treating physician’s opinions are accurately captured for the claim file.  When in doubt, call a qualified disability income insurance attorney.

Contact Gisonni Law Firm

Interference with your physician/patient relationship is one of many unscrupulous tactics your insurance company will employ to save itself money. Though customers trust in their insurance company to support them in their time of need, it is unfortunate that many insured claimants are faced with overwhelming obstacles as they try to move on in their new life. If you are one of the many insureds who have been unlawfully denied a claim for benefits, you should contact Gisonni Law Firm for a consultation.