Insurer’s Innapropriate Requests For Information

New York Disability Denial Attorney Inappropriate Disability Insurance Company Requests

One of the most frequent questions clients have is whether their disability insurance company is overstepping its bounds when requesting information from them.  The answer is found in the insurance policy language.  What you will find is a section that discusses proof of loss, and it is pretty vague.  Some policies outline specific documents insureds have to turn over but most don’t.  Insurers believe that the vague way the policies are written allow them to ask for documents and information that have nothing to do with their claim.  Under most circumstances, that is not how it works.  Courts hold parties to the writings that fall within the “four corners of the contract.”  That means that the parties are only obligated to conduct themselves according to what the contract says. If you believe that your insurance company is overstepping its rights and denying your claim because of your refusal to give them what they ask for, contact Gisonni Law Firm for a consultation today.

When Your Insurance Company Asks Too Much

So if your disability carrier asks you to send in five years of tax returns, do you have to do it?  And if you don’t, will your claim be denied? If the claim representative asks you to sign a form authorization that allows the company to run your credit report or get information from your bank, should you sign it?  If you don’t, will they refuse to process your claim?

Most disabled people on the receiving end of those requests are already in a financially vulnerable position.  You can’t work and earn money because you’re not feeling well.  You have bills that are not being paid.  You need the claim to move quickly so you can get a benefit check as soon as possible.  That immediately places the insurance company in a position of power over you.  Companies are fully aware that even if they ask for things from you that are not appropriate, you will likely give them what they want.

As tempting as it is to just hand over whatever they’re looking for, often companies use the information to dig further or twist facts that lead to a bigger delay or denial of benefits.  When in doubt, contact a qualified disability insurance attorney.

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Unfair tactics by insurance companies to deny claims continues to impact consumers. When a person is exploited because they are in desperate financial shape, it is unfortunate that they face an insurance company that will deny or delay their claim in order to save the company money. If you believe that your insurance company is asking for more than your policy demands, contact Gisonni Law Firm for a consultation to discuss your rights and the future of your claim.