Insurer Taking Away Lifetime Benefits

New York Disability Insurance Law Firm Representing Clients Denied Lifetime Benefits For a Sickness

Gisonni Law Firm has been fighting for disabled insureds for many years. When insurance companies use unfair tactics to save money at the expense of the policyholder, our firm is ready to serve. One of the many tactics used by insurance companies to limit or deny a claim includes stating that an accident deserving of lifetime benefits was a sickness. If you have been impacted by this situation, contact Gisonni Law Firm for a consultation to discuss your matter.

Was An Accident Really Just A Sickness?

Some companies sold private disability policies that paid benefits for his lifetime if the insured’s disability is caused by an accident.  If the disability was caused by a sickness, benefits are limited to age 65.  In order to get around paying lifetime benefits, some unscrupulous insurers attempted to paint an accidental disability as one that arose from a sickness.

An orthopedic surgeon who worked for 20 years helping thousands of patients with their back problems had to go to the chiropractor every once in a while to get adjusted.  The good work he was doing was actually bad for his back.  This didn’t stop him from performing surgeries.  He leaves on vacation to go skiing for a week.  Unfortunately, an inexperienced skier slams into him, and he suffers a severe back injury that ends his surgical career.  Sounds like an accident, right?  Well, because the surgeon received treatment before his accident, the disability insurer attempts to describe his disability as one that arose from a “sickness” in order to limit his benefits to age 65.  He clearly had an accident that ended his career and should be entitled to lifetime benefits under the provisions of his policy.

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If your insurance company has denied you lifetime benefits under an occupational disability policy, contact an experienced disability attorney immediately. Gisonni Law Firm understands the impact of dishonest insurance companies on the individual and his or her family. Unfortunately, insurance companies are “for-profit” organizations with a goal of making money, even at the expense of a customer’s future. If you have been a victim of this tactic, contact Gisonni Law Firm to discuss your matter. Our firm has been fighting for the insured for two decades, and we are ready to protect your rights and future.