Insurer Cherry-Picking Medical Information

New York Disability Claim Denial Attorney Representing Clients Whose Insurance Company Ignored Relevant Medical Information

Disability insurance companies are expert cherry-pickers. All disability claims involve the disabled insured turning over medical records or giving authorizations for the insurer to get the records. Medical records are the most important part of a claim because they support the proof needed to show that the insured can’t perform their occupational duties.  Many disability insurers selectively choose to ignore portions of medical records that support your claim and focus on those parts that don’t support your claim. Unfortunately, too many people have been faced with this issue and are suffering because of it. If you believe that your insurance company has ignored relevant medical information to deny or delay your payments, contact our firm. Gisonni Law Firm.  We have been a legal resource for the insured for many years. Our firm fights for those who have been taken advantage of by their insurance company. If you need our help, contact Gisonni Law Firm for a consultation today.

An Example of Ignoring Relevant Information

For example, consider a treating physician’s office records submitted to the insurance company to support a claim.  The note begins with the physician writing that Mrs. Doe appeared pleasant and well-nourished and then goes on to describe in detail all of the physical limitations that keep her from working. When the company issues its termination letter, they cherry-pick the “pleasant and well-nourished” part of the records and put that up front and center and happen to forget to include the sections on how difficult it is for Mrs. Doe to walk without falling.

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If you receive a benefit denial letter that unfairly represents your medical conditions, you need to consider your legal options. Your future depends on your ability to fight back and get what you are entitled to per your policy language. Insurance companies prey on people that are in dire financial situations and need support as soon as possible. When an insurance company should serve its customers, it often is serving itself. If your insurance company has been ignoring relevant information in order to delay our deny your claim, contact Gisonni Law Firm for a consultation.