Beware the IME

Disability Benefits Attorney Representing Disabled Consumers Asked to Attend an Insurer’s Medical Examination

After you file your claim, often your disability insurance company will send you a letter telling you to go to a medical examination by a physician they chose to examine you.  Insurance companies call it an IME or Independent Medical Examination, but it is far from “independent.”  They hire the doctor; they pay the doctor; the doctor makes a good living from doing these exams; and some companies even try to get the doctor to change the draft report to sound more favorable to the insurance company.  More than frequently, the examination results in your disability claim termination.  With such odds stacked against you in this process, you need seasoned legal advocates, Gisonni Law Firm, to help you navigate this challenging process. Contact our firm today.

Insurance Companies That Send You to Their Doctors

At Gisonni Law Firm, we believe that IME stands for Insurer’s Medical Examination.  Because the odds are stacked against you in this circumstance, there are some ways to ensure that the playing field is fair to you.  First, when you get the notification, research the qualifications of the physician.  Does his or her specialty match the specialty of the physician who is providing your care?  Research his background.  Has he been involved in lawsuits for insurance companies?  Does he spend most of his time performing these types of evaluations?  If the answers begin to reveal that the named physician is more of a “hired gun” instead of a fair examiner, bring this to the attention of the insurance company, and ask for a change in examiner.

Insurance Companies Use IME’s to Surveil You

When you agree to attend an IME, the insurer knows you will be at a certain location at a certain time.  Often, they hire an investigation company to wait outside your home and follow you to the examination.  They video and photograph you during this time.  The time to contact our firm is before you go the examination so that you can receive the benefit of our years of experience to combat this unscrupulous tactic employed by disability insurance companies.  When you are feeling the pressure of the disability insurance company’s unfair ways, contact a highly qualified firm, Gisonni Law Firm.