What Do Prudential, Cigna and Aetna Disability Insurance Companies Have in Common?

Group disability insurance companies like Prudential Life Insurance Company, Cigna and Aetna operate in a similar fashion when approving or denying disability claims.  First, they are large organizations with hundreds of employees.  They follow a similar disability claim administration strategy.  They question your motives to make a claim, challenge your reports of limitations, attack your physicians’ medical reports as not detailed enough and generally, when you are feeling your worst, they make you feel even worse!

If you are smack dab in the middle of a disability claim with one of these companies, realize that you are not alone in having to defend constant requests for documents and information.  But just because it is routine for these companies to burden a disabled person, it does not mean that they are correct in doing so.

Frequently, large group disability insurance companies like Prudential, Cigna and Aetna treat every claim the same with no regard for the specific details of your personal claim.  That is a violation of their obligations under the policies and the law.

If this is happening to you with these or other companies, call an experienced disability attorney who can help you manage the unfair treatment you are experiencing.

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