Negotiating Disability Settlements

New York Disability Attorney Negotiating Disability Insurance Settlements

When you have been approached by a disability insurance company to settle your claim, you should seek advice from an attorney before making any moves.  Disability insurance companies train their settlement representatives in the art of resolving claims with the best outcome for the disability insurer.  When you are in this situation, call a qualified and experienced disability insurance firm.  Gisonni Law Firm has engaged in thousands of settlement discussions and deals with outcomes that have satisfied our clients over the past two decades.  Call for a consultation today.

How Are the Settlement Figures Decided?

Because disability policies pay month to month as time goes on and only pay if the insured is alive and still disabled, valuing a disability claim is not that straight forward. Insurance companies value claims by taking into consideration a bunch of factors: (1) the insured’s mortality rating; (2) the insured’s morbidity rating; (3) litigation risk; (4) the present value percentage factor; (5) the disability insurance company’s willingness to settle the claim or litigation.

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