What is the Medical Information Bureau?

The Medical Information Bureau (MIB) is a membership-only database subscribed to by life and disability insurance companies that maintain your personal health information as found on a life insurance or health insurance application when you applied for coverage. Every time you apply for insurance that requires your medical history, that information is filed with the MIB and maintained for seven years. This centralized database allows insurers to research your medical history and check information on your insurance applications for accuracy before a policy is issued to you.  

This database comes in handy for an attorney helping a life insurance beneficiary whose claim has been denied.  If the beneficiary’s loved one dies within the first two years of owning the policy, the company often claims the insured failed to disclose medical information on the application, denies the claim and cancels the policy.  But there is no hiding what the MIB report shows.  Often, even though health information exists in the MIB database, the life insurance company will overlook health conditions that show up in the search but don’t appear on the application in order to sell policies.  

If your life insurance claim has been denied, call a highly experienced and tactical life insurance lawyer.

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