Managing Your Individual Disability Mental Health Claim

Private disability policies generally provide extended coverage for those who suffer from mental health claims, and some even provide for lifetime benefits.  This is a greater benefit than what most people receive who are insured under group disability contracts supplied by their employers.  In those policies, there is often a maximum monthly payout of 24 months for disabilities caused by mental health conditions.

Because a claim can go on for many years, disability insurance companies tend to be more aggressive in mental health claims.  If you are suffering from a mental health condition, are not feeling your best, and are required to respond to constant requests for information from your long term disability company, the experience can be extremely dizzying.  You want to give the company what they are asking for but your instincts tell you that they seem to be taking advantage of you.

There are a few straightforward strategies you can employ to protect your interests and your valuable claim.  First, if the disability insurance representative calls to speak to you, ask them to place their questions in an email or letter to you.  Then you will not feel pressured to speak at length on an unscheduled phone call.  When you get their questions, take your time to respond, and get the help of a family member or friend if necessary.

Next, make sure your treating psychiatrist and therapist knows that your disability company might call he or she without an appointment and that it will protect your interests if your health care practitioner asks that all questions be placed in writing.  That will allow your therapist or psychiatrist to take their time to answer the insurance company’s question and ensure that there is a written record of the questions and answers.  There is generally no written record of a telephone discussion.

Finally, make sure you read your disability policy cover to cover to ensure you understand your rights and the framework within which your claim is administered.  If something does not seem right, contact a seasoned disability attorney to review your claim and discuss your rights.

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