Long Term Disability Claim Denials Based on Sedentary Occupations

How frustrating is it for your long term disability claim to be terminated because the insurance company believes you can perform a sedentary occupation. You know you are disabled and entitled to continuing benefit payments. Then they send a termination letter filled with manufactured claims of your abilities and clear omissions of your true medical picture, and then no further benefits are paid.

What is a sedentary occupation anyway? Generally, long term disability insurance companies use the word sedentary in a disability claim when they have paid you for a period of time, your definition of total disability changes, and they decide you can perform a job different from the one you had when you became disabled. Long term disability insurers borrow from the Dictionary of Occupational Titles to arrive at a physical demand level they believe you fit into.

scales of justice tipped

Sedentary work includes the ability to lift a maximum of ten pounds for one-third of the workday, very light objects one-third to two-thirds of the workday, sitting most of the workday, occasionally walking and briefly standing. That’s it. There is no consideration for whether you suffer from extreme pain while sitting all day. The insurer fails to consider medications you have to take to lift a ten-pound object that causes side effects that impair your concentration. It is simply not a thorough analysis to just claim that your physical medical condition allows you to sit for eight hours and therefore you are no longer disabled.

You can fight these unfair tactics, and you should.

If your long term disability claim was denied because the insurance company claims you can perform a sedentary occupation, call Gisonni Law Firm.