Life Insurance Claims and Litigation

Long Island Life Insurance Claims Attorney Representing NY Clients Who File Life Insurance Claims

Life insurance claims are unique and complicated.  Life insurance companies administering your claim have a vast foundation of experience that they use against people making claims for life insurance proceeds.  To beat life insurers at their own game, you need to hire an experienced life insurance claims attorney.  Gisonni Law Firm focuses on specific insurance coverage niches, including life insurance claims and litigation.  The firm brings clients great results in numerous claims and court cases against the biggest life insurers in the industry.  Gisonni Law Firm’s attack of cutting edge issues and track record of successful outcomes for clients prove the effectiveness and commitment of the firm in the life insurance field. Contact our firm for a consultation.

Consumers’ Rights

Almost every state has laws that govern a life insurance company’s treatment of you. If the company is delaying your claim, not answering your questions and alleging that your deceased loved one lied to them, you do have rights. Gisonni Law Firm has navigated the intricacies of life insurance claims on behalf of numerous beneficiaries and the firm can help you understand your rights and fight for your future.

Protections Under Insurance Law

States have laws governing the type of language a life insurance company may place in policies. Often, a life insurer disregards a state’s directive and uses language that is unfavorable to the consumer. When faced with issues under life insurance claims, Gisonni Law Firm carefully inspects the insurance company’s use of language in the policy to be sure the company is complying with the law.

Most courts are required to interpret life policy provisions in favor of the beneficiary.  Gisonni Law Firm regularly asks courts to employ this body of law to clients’ claims, resulting in a successful outcome for them.

Unfair Tactics Employed by Life Insurance Companies

To avoid paying claims, life insurers tend to capitalize on technicalities. In practice, Gisonni Law Firm finds loopholes to force them to pay. If a life insurer claims it has a right to cancel (rescind) a life insurance policy because of information on the application, we advise clients to continue to pay their premiums because that simple act may just preserve an important asset you took out for your loved one’s security. When a life insurer claims that it canceled a policy because of a failure to pay premiums, we force the insurer to prove it sent out a lapse notice as required under law. When a life insurer claims that the insured put incorrect information on the application and now it does not have to pay a claim, we force the insurer to prove that there was a misrepresentation on the application for insurance. Oftentimes, a life insurer’s proof is not as strong as the words they used to try to scare you off.

Contact Gisonni Law Firm, P.C. When Life Insurance Companies Take Advantage of You

The last thing you want to do after your loved one has passed away is deal with the intricacies of a life insurance claim. Life insurers are well aware that you are not thinking clearly and that you are not trained in reading your policy or understanding your rights under the policy. Using the services of a trained attorney is your best bet in ensuring that your life insurance claim will be paid. Gisonni Law Firm fights for the insured. Our firm is focused on ensuring that clients who are being exploited by their insurance companies fully understand their rights, understand their legal options and know that they have chosen the right attorney. If you need quality legal support from an effective law firm, contact Gisonni Law Firm for a consultation.