In Your Life Insurance Claim, Why is the Insurance Company Asking For Your Loved One’s Medical Records From Ten Years Ago?

Losing a close family member is very difficult.  As a beneficiary, when making a claim for the life insurance proceeds, you are usually asked to complete a claim form, sign an authorization and submit a certified death certificate.  Sometimes, however, the life insurance company asks you to supply the names of health care providers of your loved one as part of the claim.  That does not seem to reconcile with a straight forward life insurance claim though.

If the policy was sold or issued to your loved one within two years of his or her passing, the life insurance company may conduct a “contestability” review.  That means the life insurer can look back in time at the application completed for purchase of the policy and decide whether all of the answers were true and accurate.  If they were not and the inaccurate information impacted the life insurer’s decision to issue the policy, the life insurer could refuse to pay the death claim.

When there is suspicion that the questions are not true or information was not disclosed about a health condition or treatment for a condition, life insurance companies ask for medical records going back many years depending upon the answers to questions on the application that the company is scrutinizing.

If this happens, what should you do?  It is never advisable to refuse to work with the life insurer regarding their inquiries.  At the same time, sometimes companies are wrong in their analysis of information they are reviewing.  When in doubt, call an experienced life insurance attorney to review your options.

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