Getting Legal Advice Before You Purchase Disability Insurance

The experience of applying for your first disability policy carries with it novel information. Depending upon your profession, policy features and cost of coverage could raise questions. The process is often time-consuming and invasive. After all, a disability carrier asks about your medical history, requires you to submit to a height and weight check, blood pressure read, ekg and a blood draw. But would you really need to hire an attorney during this process?

Here are two circumstances when you just might.

  • You receive conflicting information from different insurance brokers selling the same policy. A seasoned disability attorney is in a great position to serve as a neutral and explain features of policies you are considering. Having served the interests of policyholders like you, a good disability lawyer can be invaluable in this process.
  • You have a health history that you have been told not to disclose. Disability carriers want a lot of health history information and for good reason. That is how they decide whether to issue you a policy and how much to charge. Full disclosure in response to the questions on the application is advisable. If you fail to disclose truthful information on the application, it could come back to haunt you if you have to make a claim someday. If you make a claim within two years of policy issuance, the disability insurer can review the accuracy of the application answers. If there are misrepresentations, the company can deny the claim and cancel the policy.

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