Long Term Disability Claim Denials

Experienced New York Disability Insurance Attorney Assisting With Long Term Disability Claim Denials and Terminations

Your disability insurance company paid you for a few months after really giving you a hard time.  They ask for even more information from your physician.  Your physician says he sent it in.  The disability insurance company claims that they never got it or that it was not sufficient.  You are feeling awful.  You can’t return to work because of your medical condition.  The disability insurance representative calls you on the phone and tells you that the company is terminating your claim.  You are in disbelief.  You try to talk her out of it.  It is an exercise in futility.  You realize that she is really at good at delivering the news.  You think, she must do this all the time. You ask what you can do to change the company’s mind.  She tells you they are sending you a letter and that you should read it.  You hang up in shock.

Days go by.  You have not received the letter.  You are not receiving any more disability benefit checks.  When you finally get the letter through the “snail mail,” the letter is filled with some mumbo jumbo reasons that make no sense.  This is when you need to contact an experienced disability law firm to advise you of your rights and the next steps in the right direction to get the termination reversed.  Gisonni Law Firm has been in this business for two decades.  We jump into action quickly, identify all steps that need to be taken, and handle your worry for you. To discuss your legal needs, contact Gisonni Law Firm for a consultation.

What Steps Can Gisonni Law Firm Take To Help You?

If the unfair benefit denial involves a private policy, you can pursue a lawsuit for breach of contract.  However, we are seasoned in this process, and there are sometimes ways to reverse an adverse decision without immediately running to the courthouse.

If the insurance company’s decision to end your benefits was done under a group policy under which you are covered through your employer, we will explain your rights and obligations under ERISA – the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 – – and assist you through the process of appealing the decision as the law requires.

Under either circumstance, your disability benefits are too important to you, and the disability insurance company employees are too savvy, for you to try to handle this nightmare on your own.  Call Gisonni Law Firm for an immediate discussion on how our firm can use our decades of experience in long term disability claim denials to turn this outcome around.

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Our firm will always use the most efficient and cost-savings means to assist you in your time of difficulty.  Every claim is unique.  Contact Gisonni Law Firm to discuss how our firm can help you win your benefits back.