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Have your disability insurance benefits been wrongfully denied or terminated? Are you receiving the run-around from your disability insurance company?

Eve-Lynn Gisonni
Eve-Lynn Gisonni, Esq.

You’ve come to the right place.

We have one principal purpose: Helping our clients reverse Long Term Disability Claim Denials and Terminations.

You need an experienced disability claim law firm to advise you of your rights and the next steps in the right direction to reverse the denial or termination. Gisonni Law Firm has focused on helping people in your situation for over two decades. We identify the right strategy, act decisively, and remove your worry.

Steps We Can Take To Help You Immediately

If the unfair benefit denial involves a private policy, you may be able to pursue a lawsuit for breach of contract. As seasoned in this process as we are, we are also keenly aware of ways to reverse a claim denial without immediately running to the courthouse. If the insurance company denied you benefits under your employer’s group policy, we will counsel you about ERISA (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974) and assist you through the process of appealing the decision.

Under either circumstance, your disability benefits are too valuable an asset, and the disability insurance company is too seasoned in denials, for you to handle this challenge on your own. Call Gisonni Law Firm for an immediate discussion on how our firm can implement our decades of experience working with clients on long term disability claim denials, even the playing field and get your benefits paid.

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Every claim is unique. Our firm uses our years of experience in obtaining successful outcomes for our clients. We will use the most efficient means to assist you during this challenging time.

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