Before You File Your Long Term Disability Claim

New York Disability Lawyer Representing Insureds Before They Make Their Disability Claim

Disability insurance companies spend huge money training their employees in administering disability claims to ensure they don’t have to pay one dollar more to a disabled individual.  They provide them with claim manuals and workday seminars to hone their skills.  If that is the case, then why would a disabled insured start the disability claim process without ever having learned the first thing about their disability policy, their rights and what they need to do to make sure their claim gets paid?  Gisonni Law Firm is in the business of assisting disabled insureds in preparing for and making their claims. If you need our help, contact our firm for a consultation.

What to Do To Prepare

Not every sickness or injury allows an individual to get their ducks in a row before making a claim.  Add that to the fact that you are duty bound to inform the insurer of your claim in a very short period of time after you become disabled.  However, there are certain actions you can accomplish just prior to making a disability claim that could make the process go smoother and more quickly.  Gather your physician contact information on one or two sheets of paper.  Let your main physician know you are unable to work and that you will be asking her to complete paperwork to support your disability claim.  Put together a description of your occupation in detail so that the disability insurer can understand what you did for a living before you became disabled.  Note the symptoms you are feeling and how it impacts your inability to perform your occupational functions.  With this simple preparation, you will be one step ahead of most when you inform your disability insurance company that you are making a claim.

How Gisonni Law Firm Can Help

Often when you are not feeling your best, you need an advocate to serve as the conduit between you and the disability insurance company.  Gisonni Law Firm assists disabled insureds in this process by taking the tasks, the stress and the worry away from you so you can focus on getting the treatment you need.  Because our firm has been in the disability field for two decades, no requests by disability insurance companies surprise our firm. We have seen and heard it all.  We are best suited to navigate the confusing requests by disability insurance companies.  When you need help to prepare a claim for submission to a disability insurance company, contact a highly experienced firm, Gisonni Law Firm.