Disability Insurance Companies Must Consider Your Entire Medical Picture

Medical proof associated with your long term disability claim is one of the most important aspects of your claim.  Without it, you could not be paid.  But when you are suffering from more than one condition, make sure you gather evidence of your disability from your treating physicians for all of your conditions for submission to the long term disability insurance company.

The reason is simple.  Insurance companies should consider all conditions from which you suffer in determining if you are eligible for benefits.  If you have both a bad lower back condition and diabetes, but believe that the lower back condition is all the disability insurance company needs to know about, you could be shortchanging yourself.  That’s because when you add the restrictions and limitations associated with other conditions and medications side effects from those conditions, you make a more compelling case of the inability to perform your occupation.

When you have questions regarding what to submit to a disability insurance company, ask a qualified long term disability attorney.

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