Denied Unum Claims – Another Unfair Claim Tactic

Most people making an individual disability claim for benefits under their Paul Revere or Provident policy don’t pay a whole lot of attention to Unum’s careful strategy of characterizing your claim early on.  If you have a policy that pays lifetime benefits only if you become disabled because of an injury, Unum has been known to categorize your disability as a sickness, which shortens the payout to age 65.  A lot of disabled contract owners don’t even realize this until their benefits are terminated many years later when they turn 65.

This is just another way Unum finds to limit their liability and put you in the poor house.  If you have a claim under a Paul Revere or Provident policy administered by Unum, don’t become Unum denial statistic. Call an experienced attorney who will hold Unum to its promises.

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