How to Choose a Disability Insurance Claim Lawyer in New York

Selecting an attorney is never an easy process. As with any important decision, a consumer should do his or her homework to ensure he is spending his money wisely on a well-researched investment. Here are some tips to help select a disability insurance claim lawyer in New York who concentrates on assisting people get the benefits they deserve.

  1. Experience, experience, experience. The old adage you get what you pay for does not necessarily ring true when hiring counsel. The area of disability insurance law is a specialty unto itself, and you should not even think of hiring an attorney who has little to no experience in this field. You should not be placed in a position of paying top dollar for an attorney who is using your case to learn how to handle a disability insurance claim. If the firm you are considering handles numerous different practice areas, make sure the lawyers who will be helping you focus the majority of their time on disability insurance issues on behalf of beneficiaries.
  1. Select a list of formidable candidates. You would not think of buying the first house you see or even the first car you test drive, so why would you hire the first attorney you speak to? Compile a list of potential attorneys who have experience in disability insurance claims and litigation.
  1. Interview. Request a telephone conference with each of the firms so that you can address your questions and concerns.
  1. What, How Long, Results. Ask the attorney or her firm representative what types of disability insurance claims she has handled. Find out how long the attorney has handled these types of claims, and don’t forget to ask about results.
  1. Verify, verify, verify. There are many ways to verify the qualifications of an attorney. Googling an attorney’s name and firm name is a good start. You can find out what types of cases he has handled, press he has received and even lectures he has given. Lawyer search engines such as can also give you additional information. View the firm’s website. Check to see if there are testimonials from other clients. Look to see the firm’s success stories.
  1. References. Ask the firm for personal references. Call former clients and find out whether they were satisfied with their representation. Did the lawyers exhibit knowledge in the disability insurance field? Did the firm return calls? Did the lawyers know the details of the case during communications?
  1. Meeting. You should not hire a disability insurance claims lawyer sight unseen. Go to her office, meet with her and her staff. Some cases can last many years, and you will need to feel comfortable with your decision. An attorney who does not need to meet you before representing you should raise a red flag. The interpersonal relationship between you and your counsel is important for the attorney to be able to advocate for you.

In the end, you should trust your instincts. If something doesn’t seem right, move on.

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