Why is Proof of Loss so Important in a Disability Claim?

If you have made a disability claim under an individual or employer-sponsored group long term disability policy, you no doubt have been bombarded with requests for documents and information in every possible form. Is this just a tactic the insurance company uses to harass and annoy you into submission? The not-so-simple answer is yes….and no. […]

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New York Law Firm Making Disability Carriers Pay Their Clients’ Fees

Litigating against a large disability insurer is time-consuming and costly. That’s what disability insurers are counting on when they cut off your benefits. They expect you to either be financially destroyed while fighting back or to give up altogether. Fortunately for litigants who fight back when their long-term disability benefits have been terminated, there is […]

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Getting Legal Advice Before You Purchase Disability Insurance

The experience of applying for your first disability policy carries with it novel information. Depending upon your profession, policy features and cost of coverage could raise questions. The process is often time-consuming and invasive. After all, a disability carrier asks about your medical history, requires you to submit to a height and weight check, blood […]

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