Why is Unum’s Disability Authorization Form So Confusing?

Disabled insureds applying for benefits under a Unum group or individual policy have no doubt signed Unum’s authorization with teeny-tiny print allowing the insurance giant to obtain every possible document that relates to them even if it has nothing to do with their claim. The authorization arrives along with the other claim forms that must […]

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Are Disability Insurers More Aggressive with Mental Health Claims?

Having had the experience of reviewing loads of client’s disability claim files over the years, I have seen a disturbingly repetitive pattern. Disability insurers are extra unfair to people with mental health disabilities. Three common tactics employed by disability carriers give them an advantage in a claim setting. Disability insurers demand confidential and protected psychotherapy […]

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Unum is a Biased Disability Claims Administrator

Countless courts across the country have painted Unum as a biased claims administrator concerning disability claims in which the insurance giant decides claims and insures claims. It is not simply name-calling. This classic conflict of interest was determined by the United States Supreme Court to be significant in battles by disabled individuals against Unum under […]

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In Own Occupation Disability Insurance Claims, You May Be Entitled to Receive Benefits if You Perform Your Job Incompetently

Attempting to do your job, albeit really incompetently, does not prevent the collection of benefits under an own occupation disability insurance contract if the cause of your incompetence is your medical condition. Own occupation disability insurance protects the insured against the inability to perform his or her chosen profession. These policies were written in the […]

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