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The experience of applying for your first disability policy carries with it novel information.  Depending upon your profession, policy features and cost of coverage could raise questions.  The process is often time-consuming and invasive. After all, a disability carrier asks about your medical history, requires you to submit to a height and weight check, blood […]

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Why Don’t Insurance Companies Want You to Get “Discovery” in Long Term Disability Litigation?

The vast majority of group long term disability policies are governed by a federal statute, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”), which has its own rules regarding how an insurance company is required to administer a disability claim.  Over the years, court decisions have developed ERISA law that addresses information an insured is allowed […]

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Appellate Court Rules It’s Too Late For Disability Carrier To Claim Fraud

It seems the statute of limitations has hit insurance giant AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company where it hurts.  The disability carrier attempted to sue a disabled insured for alleged fraud in the application for his disability policy.  The court decided that because AXA Equitable waited too long to sue the insured after it had learned […]

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