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In Your Life Insurance Claim, Why is the Insurance Company Asking For Your Loved One’s Medical Records From Ten Years Ago?

Losing a close family member is very difficult.  As a beneficiary, when making a claim for the life insurance proceeds, you are usually asked to complete a claim form, sign an authorization and submit a certified death certificate.  Sometimes, however, the life insurance company asks you to supply the names of health care providers of […]

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Disability Insurance Companies Must Consider Your Entire Medical Picture

Medical proof associated with your long term disability claim is one of the most important aspects of your claim.  Without it, you could not be paid.  But when you are suffering from more than one condition, make sure you gather evidence of your disability from your treating physicians for all of your conditions for submission […]

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Unum’s Employee Turns Whistleblower to Assist Government in Prosecuting Unum’s Unfair Claims Actions

About 30 years ago, disability giant Unum hired Tim Loftus in an entry level position.  By 2004, Loftus had worked his way up through the disability claim administration ranks and became a Director in individual claims.  Fast forward to 2016 when Unum started a lawsuit against Loftus for removing a laptop and documents from Unum’s […]

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