How can I prove my pain to a long term disability insurance company?

Many medical conditions suffered by disabled individuals under long term disability policies involve debilitating pain.  There is no real test to measure a person’s pain though.  That gives the disability insurance company an advantage and allows it to dismiss the severity of your pain.  Here are some tips to ensure that your pain does not go unaddressed in your long term disability claim.

First, make sure that you report your levels of pain to your treating physicians and that they are documenting your pain in your medical records.  Next, if you have been prescribed pain medication, make sure that information is also contained within your medical records.  Let your physician know if the medication is helping you and if not, describe how you feel and your level of pain while on the medication. Again make sure your communication is reported in your medical records.

Ask your physician to refer you to a pain management physician to ensure you are doing everything in your power to address debilitating pain.  If your physician believes that physical therapy could help your pain, attend physical therapy.  Make sure you report how you are feeling to each of the physicians who treats you.

If you suffer from side effects of pain medications, let your physician know that too and ask that it be included in your medical records.   If you ensure that your pain and all that you are doing to combat your pain is documented, it is a lot more difficult for a long term disability insurance company to claim that your pain is not real.

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