Can a Third-Party Accounting Firm Interfere With Your Long Term Disability Claim?

Disability insurance companies like First Unum Life Insurance Company and Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company often utilize the services of third parties in the administration of disability claims.  Our firm has seen first-hand how one accounting firm in particular influences claim decisions from the sidelines. 

While at first blush such involvement appears routine, behind the scenes, more nefarious activity is going on.  For example, many disability insurance companies in the U.S. use the services of a Long Island-based forensic accounting firm, Nawrocki Smith, to conduct audits and analyses of insureds’ financial books and records.  This accounting firm not only markets its auditing services to insurance companies, but it also advertises that it can train disability claim representatives in the claims process.  The following excerpt was taken from its website under a service offered:  Insurance Claim Consulting.

We have extensive expertise in providing insurance consulting services to claims professionals, in-house and outside counsel, and other professionals involved in assessing insurance claims.

When you partner with Nawrocki Smith, we work closely with you to identify the essential elements of the claim to improve claim management and the decision-making process.  We assist you with analysis and information that you can rely upon for cost-effective decision-making and improved claim management.

What our firm has seen in various claims involving Nawrocki Smith is individuals working for this accounting firm do not have backgrounds in insurance claims handling, and their interests are in helping the insurer minimize or terminate benefits.  We have witnessed disability insurers working with this accounting firm take inaccurate claims positions that jeopardize our clients’ claims.    

If Nawrocki Smith is involved in your disability claim, consider that a red flag.  Call Gisonni Law Firm to ensure your rights are protected.