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Gisonni Law Firm, P.C. is a disability and life insurance law firm with New York office locations in White Plains and New York City and a Connecticut location in Stamford. Since 1997, the firm has devoted its practice of law to attaining client satisfaction in the fields of disability and life insurance claims and litigation.

Eve-Lynn Gisonni has effectuated claim and litigation resolutions on behalf of deserving disabled clients for the past two decades.  She has battled against the largest of disability and life insurance companies in state and federal court.

The firm is proud to be known for the landmark case that shut down the insurance lobby’s fight against paying disabled New Yorkers under pre-existing condition clauses in group disability policies.  As a result of her unrelenting efforts, Eve-Lynn Gisonni won the Benesowitz v. MetLife case at the N.Y. Court of Appeals causing the New York Insurance Department to order group disability insurers in New York to reopen closed disability claims and pay disabled people with pre-existing conditions.

The firm prides itself on the personalized attention it provides clients who face disability and life insurance issues. At our firm, you will not get passed off to a less-experienced attorney after the first meeting. At Gisonni Law Firm, you will never be treated like a faceless number. Every case is important. Every client relationship is meaningful. If you have a disability or life insurance claim issue, contact Gisonni Law Firm, P.C. to learn about your legal rights.

Our Successes

New York’s Highest Court Gives Victory to Eve-Lynn Gisonni In Pre-Existing Condition Disability Litigation

We Stopped Prudential Life Insurance Company in its Tracks

Numerous Federal Appellate and Trial Courts Have Relied on Our Case’s ERISA Principles

Our Accolades

Disability Insurance Claims

Own Occupation Disability Claims

Life Insurance Claims and Litigation

Unfair Insurance Tactics

Disability Insurance Claims

Almost every state has laws that govern a disability insurance company’s treatment of you. If your company is delaying your claim, asking irrelevant questions and demanding voluminous documents that have nothing to do with your disability, the company is probably violating a consumer protection law. It is important to have an attorney on your side to protect your rights and handle the overwhelming pressure of dealing with an insurance company. Learn More…

Own Occupation Disability Claim Denial

In the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, a handful of disability insurance companies sold disability insurance policies to high income earning professionals with the promise of coverage should they be unable to work in their chosen occupation. Professionals bought these non-cancellable policies in droves expecting that insurance companies would honor their promises and pay benefits should these professionals become disabled someday. Unfortunately, things did not always work out that way. Learn More…

Life Insurance Claims and Litigation

Life insurance claims are unique and complicated. Life insurance companies administering your claim have a vast foundation of experience that they use against people making claims for life insurance proceeds. To beat life insurers at their own game, you need to hire an experienced life insurance claims attorney. Gisonni Law Firm focuses on specific insurance coverage niches, including life insurance claims and litigation. Learn More…

Unfair Insurance Tactics

People trust that insurance companies are ready to help when needed most. Though we pay into a multitude of policies, including disability insurance, life insurance, own occupation insurance, and more, filing a claim can be a complicated process sometimes. Insurance companies are “for-profit” and that means limiting or denying payouts whenever possible. Under some circumstances, insurance companies will engage in some unfair tactics to limit their responsibility. Learn More…

Client Testimonials for Gisonni Law Firm, P.C.

“Thank you very much for all that you’ve done for me. It is such a relief to simply be able to breathe again. Your hard work and dedication led to an outcome I didn’t even think was possible. Thank you, and please stay safe.”

“I wanted to reiterate my sincere gratitude to you. You were so professional, comprehensive, thoroughly prepared and represented me at such a high level. You were so amazing and literally have given me back control of my life. That said, I will always be grateful to you as my attorney and also as a compassionate human being.”

“I can’t thank you enough for taking on my case against Unum. You did a superb job! I was impressed by your extremely professional look and the way you handled yourself in the mediation.”

“I would like to express my extreme satisfaction with the professional way that you handled my case and your attention that led to an expeditious settlement. As I stated several times, I am green when it comes to these matters and I appreciate the way that you navigated the various hurdles to reach a settlement on my behalf. My only regret is that I hadn’t contacted you earlier in the process.”

“Thank you for your patience with me. You’re great. I could not have done this without you. Thanks for the hard work dealing with the disability insurance company and taking the stress off me and my family. You gave me hope that they wouldn’t trample over me. For that I owe you. Thanks again.”

“I consider your firm to not only have been highly experienced, professional and courteous but one which was not going to be intimidated by the other side, UNUM Group. Your persistence in my long term disability claim, thorough research and continual dialogue to reach a favorable result compares to none. Just as I was about to give up, you came highly recommended and you did not give up despite the voluminous medicals and letters from the carrier. I am happy that I changed attorneys.”

“We want to thank you for your outstanding representation of us in our dispute with HIP New York. You took a dire situation, not an easy one, and you resolved it expertly. We truly were very close to being completely out of time when we contacted you. You told us not to worry, and then the matter was competently and kindly taken care of to our great relief. Thanks seems such a little word but we mean it with all our hearts. We have never forgotten your amazing kindness to us when I had trouble with the insurance company a few years ago. You taught me a great deal with that situation and I no longer stand in awe or fear of insurance companies.”

“The recommendation to Eve-Lynn saved my life. She was instrumental in winning my case against a major corporation due to her hard work and diligence that lasted several years. Also, Eve-Lynn and her staff are wonderful to work with answering questions and following up on all details. She’s one terrific attorney!”

“One would be naive to put forth a disability claim against an extremely adversarial insurance industry without legal representation. Only a law firm with expertise in these matters can navigate the sea of complexities of this process from start to finish. In this world of little fish vs. big fish, it is clear to me that without Eve-Lynn Gisonni, the insurance companies would have had me for lunch.”

“I was the beneficiary of my previous wife’s group term life policy. She died just before the two year incontestable period ended. The insurer sued me in Federal Court to void the policy claiming there were pre-existing conditions. After consulting four reputable law firms I chose Gisonni and Harms (Eve-Lynn Gisonni, Esq.) to handle my case. Eve-Lynn worked hard on my Federal Case for years against one of the largest insurance carriers in the world. Her knowledge, experience and wise strategies forced a favorable settlement for me. She was professional and fair throughout the case. I trust her implicitly and would highly recommend her to handle cases within her specialty.”

“I would like to thank Eve-Lynn Gisonni for her unrelenting efforts and professionalism. Working with her has been a pleasure and a very positive experience. It is great to come across someone who is honestly concerned and dedicated to her clients.”

“ELG made it happen! She’s Professional, Tenacious, Understanding and Supportive. Everyone seeking benefits should have ELG on their side. I was awarded benefits on the insurance company’s first review. ELG has made my life better. ELG is the best!”

“Eve-Lynn Gisonni has made the process of filing a disability claim stress free and with my heart condition, stress is the last thing I need. I take comfort in knowing Eve-Lynn is working hard for my legal rights. I recommend Eve-Lynn Gisonni for all legal assistance in filing a disability claim.”

“The finest most comprehensive representation, along with compassion, during a very difficult process. The result Eve-Lynn achieved was well above anything I ever dreamed of or anything any other lawyer suggested could be possible.”

“After being given the run-around and then a denial of my claim for disability coverage, I contacted Ms. Gisonni. After carefully analyzing my situation, she successfully destroyed the insurance carrier’s arguments and won my case without ever going to Court. I highly recommend this firm to anyone who needs representation in a disability claim.”

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